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Pages Pod/Caste is a group of three friends waxing unpoetically about books

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About Pages Pod/Caste

Pages is a podcast about all things literature related: books, comics, audio-books, poems, graphic novels. Even the loosley based occasional movie is discussed.

Our name Pages Pod/Caste is a play on words, where the caste is us as a group of avid book readers and obtainers of knowledge.

We are not new to podding, but this is our third and more stable iteration. Of the formats we have tried over the last 2 years, Pages Pod/Caste is a cleaner, more focused version of our broad media and entertainment shows. We want to share and spread our love of reading. Books are wonderful trips into different universes and landscapes. Have you ever had a particular book you've always wanted to read? You should dive head first into it and now. Don't hesitate to pick it up and read. Take the journey and let it suck you in, you won't regret it.

Pages produced by Sean Knowles (@Fakel2099), Sean Smith (@SecEight), and Dustin Moore (@HypnoCandy).

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