Trapped With Neil

Trapped the Wolfs at Wolf Trap we go. Sean, Sean, Dustin and some extra guests experience the Neil. The Neil Gaiman. American Gods, Neverwhere, Ocean at the End of Lane Neil Gaiman. Smith gets on “Dark Matter” and how crazy it was. Dustin dislikes not syncing up with characters and is stoked about Smith’s return to the Discworld. Knowles talks about writing and how getting ideas out of your head and onto paper is the hardest thing.

Beetle Buzz

We get hype for our trip to go see Neil Gaiman live at Wolftrap! Knowles talks about a cool local used book store. Smith brings up a separate podcasr that mentions the Discworld and Rule #34. If you don’t know what Rule #34 is, WARNING… please Google with caution. We get all gushy for used books and why we like them more than new. Knowles prompts the Pages Pod/Caste crew to get their literary hat on and write some fan fiction for three separate novels.

Guess Who’s Back?

We traveled the lands far and wide. For two long months the band trifurcated, wandering, wondering, and pondering how to coalesce. We fought time, space, and boredom to rejoin forces to talk your ears off monotonously. We are Pages. We are back.

Valkyries collage

The Gods Must Be Crazy

This edition of Pages Reads tackles Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”! We have the whole crew on deck for this pod and we share our favorite story out of Gaiman’s anticipated book. There’s also talk about comics and we get a bit sentimental and chat about some personal stories about… stories that are dear and near to our little black hearts. The debate on Smaug’s name happens inadvertently or more importantly Dustin’s inability to pronounce his name and make it through “The Hobbit”.

fanboy jacob taylor pages pod caste


We finally let one of our biggest fans and supporters onto our show. Just like in sports, he’s playing defense, so if it sucks, it’s his fault. We got jokes! Sit back and listen to Smith and Dustin talk with Sir Jacob.