There are many reasons for rereading a book. Maybe you love the book and want to relive the trials and triumphs of the protagonist (or antagonist, if you’re into that). You could have enjoyed the book, but felt something was missed, then come to find out you really did. Or you could be out of credits and you picked an audio-book you already owned; plus one or both of the other reasons. Read more “Neverwhere”

Razor Girl

Razor Girl

I feel like being new-ish to books is a great thing. It’s the equivalent  of binge watching seasons of shows on Netflix, but on a grander scale. Some of you may or may not agree, but that’s my outlook.

Recently at Pages Pod/Caste, we’ve been discussing the idea of getting a Booktube channel up on Youtube. These discussions bring about who is reading new stuff, quick enough, so we can keep up and be relevant.

Chime Pages’ resident speed reader;audio-book aficionado, Dustin.

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Gene Wilder Collage

Kiss Me Like a Stranger

The Affair

Yesterday, it was announced that Gene Wilder (Jerome Silberman) had passed away at the age of 83. When I heard the news, I was disillusioned. It would mark the first time I was genuinely sad about an actor passing away. There is always the general empathy for a person’s passing (at least I would think so), but Gene Wilder was a different kind of special to me.

I grew up in a small little town in Maryland. This town, at the time, had one video store and it was owned and operated by my uncle. My mom worked there part time during the week and my school bus would drop me off at the store. Read more “Kiss Me Like a Stranger”

Books vs Movies: More Action than BvS

I love character driven books. If the characters are not described well or jump off the page, I’ll place that book right back on the shelf or toss it in the trashcan. (Psych! I would never throw a book away, why waste good kindling? ) When seeing my favorite books switch to a new form of media I cringe at the thought of my fictional friends being poorly portrayed on the screen. Over the years I have become wiser and I now look forward to my favorite novels transitioning to film or television, hell some of the characters actually get better on the big screen.

I know I’m going to get shit for this, but Game of Thrones is a good example. Read more “Books vs Movies: More Action than BvS”

Finding Your Genre

Bibliophiles are diverse with their reading consumption, but everyone has a genre. When going to the book store is there a certain section you start in? Do you always go down the same aisles looking for that new enticing read? These habitats maybe clue you in on your favorite genre. Thinking back, was there a specific book or story that turned mandatory reading into a passion? Did you pick up The Hobbit because you enjoyed the stubbornness of Dwarves, but only to discover how much you love fantasy adventure? Finding your genre is a different experience for everyone and the reason behind your infatuation varies from reader to reader. Read more “Finding Your Genre”