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Pages Reads: A Study in Scarlet

Are your bags packed? Have a few pounds in your pocket? Good! Let’s head over to 221B Baker Street! I’ll tweet Mrs. Hudson to put the kettle on.

This month’s “Pages Reads” is A Study In Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. I decided to stick with choosing books or authors that have a huge influence on pop culture. There is no literary character more popular than Sherlock Holmes. This renowned character is portrayed in books, movies, T.V , musicals, plays, and ballet. If you have never heard of Holmes you may be living under an actual rock, but if you are reading this article you must have internet. Read more “Pages Reads: A Study in Scarlet”


The Potter Fixation

A Non Believer

For me, Potter-dom started as it does for most non-readers, with the movies. This “visual story” was released in 2001, so that’s dating back 15 years ago. The book released four years earlier, is getting close to it’s 20th anniversary. Working at the theater gave me a glimpse into a storyline that can only be rivaled by boy-band pandemonium.

Midnight shows at the theater sold out fairly quick and it always made me laugh internally. I hadn’t read any of the books at that point (Goblet of Fire had just been published) and I didn’t understand it. Read more “The Potter Fixation”


Scratch the Itch

Starting from scratch, yet again is the Pages Pod/Caste site. It’s not much as of yet. It will shine brightest in near future.

Until then I implore you, neigh, merely suggest you check out our podcast. Make Your Ears Happy

We are a trio of friends, for who so share the same passion for books and reading. One of us listens to audio books regularly, but who’s counting? While we all have a similar taste in books and stories, this journey has led us in directions we didn’t think we would go down. Read more “Scratch the Itch”