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Comics Corner: Suicide Squad

I know nothing about Suicide Squad. The movie has been getting a lot of hype, mostly bad, but it has peaked my interest. I just finished reading the Rebirth one-shot for Suicide Squad and it left me empty, with no interest in ever reading another issue.

The Suicide Squad is a group of villains with an explosive chip conveniently placed in their neck, so the government can control them. Amanda Waller is in charge of Task Force X and the first few pages is a great dialogue between her and Obama about the blurred lines between right and wrong. She convinces the president that there is a need for villains to help protect the innocent. After twisting his arm the president agrees, but only if they have a heroic Captain America-esque leader. Waller read his mind because she has just the man for the job. Read more “Comics Corner: Suicide Squad”


Books vs Movies: More Action than BvS

I love character driven books. If the characters are not described well or jump off the page, I’ll place that book right back on the shelf or toss it in the trashcan. (Psych! I would never throw a book away, why waste good kindling? ) When seeing my favorite books switch to a new form of media I cringe at the thought of my fictional friends being poorly portrayed on the screen. Over the years I have become wiser and I now look forward to my favorite novels transitioning to film or television, hell some of the characters actually get better on the big screen.

I know I’m going to get shit for this, but Game of Thrones is a good example. Read more “Books vs Movies: More Action than BvS”