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Comics Corner: Suicide Squad

I know nothing about Suicide Squad. The movie has been getting a lot of hype, mostly bad, but it has peaked my interest. I just finished reading the Rebirth one-shot for Suicide Squad and it left me empty, with no interest in ever reading another issue.

The Suicide Squad is a group of villains with an explosive chip conveniently placed in their neck, so the government can control them. Amanda Waller is in charge of Task Force X and the first few pages is a great dialogue between her and Obama about the blurred lines between right and wrong. She convinces the president that there is a need for villains to help protect the innocent. After twisting his arm the president agrees, but only if they have a heroic Captain America-esque leader. Waller read his mind because she has just the man for the job. Read more “Comics Corner: Suicide Squad”